Spencer, Valerie

Valerie C. Spencer

 “From the age of four I always knew I was different from others. This difference was the nucleus of all discrimination and violence I faced in my life.  Yet in the end, I won.  I became powerful, joyous, and profound.”

Valerie Spencer describes herself as “being a woman from birth but discovering that just a bit latter.” With the love of her dynamic mother (LuLu) she was able to overcome the toughness of being different.

She has worked in the arena of Social Services, specifically representing HIV Prevention and Services delivery as it relates to Transgender persons for nearly two decades.  Over time she has worked with the federal government, health departments, universities, community groups, conferences and community based organizations around the country. The directive she gives herself is simple, to make the complex comprehensive. She believes Trans-issues to be very diverse, often moving far beyond HIV disease into areas more commonly ignored by mainstream society: sexism, gender phobia, poverty, and marginalization as a whole. “Even the effects of slavery have a profound affect on the entanglement of Transgender persons in this society.” Yet Valerie has made forward development and comprehensive dialogue her movement.

Valerie has dipped into artistic endeavors by co-staring in the 2004 V-Day production of, “The Vagina Monologues”, featuring an all TransWomen cast. She is also featured the documentary, “Beautiful Daughters”, aired on the LOGO network and Showtime television.

Her latest work in progress is the development of Transcend Empowerment Institute, an organization which addresses empowerment on a social, cultural and holistic basis. “This organization is not specific to Transgenderism. It is all encompassing and includes all people.”

Currently she is both a consultant in social services, building a budding organization and a full time student at Antioch University in Los Angeles where she majors in Psychology. “My goal is to complete a Masters in Social Work, then on to pursue doctorial studies in psychology with a holistic emphasis. Education is very key in training me to be the agent of change that is my destiny”. Noted author of Los Angeles County’s first curriculum addressing Transgenderism from a people of color perspective, she develops other TG specific training and seminar materials. Valerie has co-developed and co-facilitated the Transgender Leadership Academy: A collaborative effort of the Los Angeles Transgender Youth Consortium and The FTM Alliance.  “This was a ground breaking effort to build our leaders.  “In the past, Transgender leadership came into being by way of osmosis.  This was a chance to take all of the information that we as leaders have gained, share it in a constructive manner and shape our mavericks of the future.”

Valerie Spencer is an intuitive gift of our time who has devoted herself to the mission of uplifting communities. “We are a special, gifted and courageous people who have been caught by the diversions of labeling, self- hate and misunderstanding.  But there is hope and this hope will move us to the greatness of who we really are. Ashe’!!!”

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Service Delivery to Transgender Clients: Reviewing the Basics, Discussing the Potential

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Valerie Spencer 00:54
She is the executive dirctor of the Transcend Empowerment Institute. She was featured on “Beautiful Daughters” a documentary on LOGO channel about the first trans version of the Vagina Monologues

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This is an excerpt (6 of 7) from the 6th annual Quest Advocacy Pageant hosted by the Asian Pacific AIDS Intervention Team. In this video, Valerie Spencer, the founder/executive director of the Transcend Empowerment Institute and one of the Quest 2009 judges, explains the significance of the Connie Norman Award and presents the winner.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

United States Conference On AIDS 2009

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